Our Senior Living Team

Meet the Smith Crossing leadership team.

Our committed group of leaders leads by example and sets the high standard for care, quality and service excellence that can be found throughout the Smith Crossing community. Their hands-on involvement and a genuine sense of caring are valued by — and are a benefit to — all our residents, their families and fellow team members alike.

Amanda Mauceri

Executive Director

With more than 20 years of experience in senior living, most with Smith communities, Amanda inspires her staff to employ a person-centered approach. “I believe in cultivating a sense of community, encouraging residents to take joy in life as they make new memories. It goes along with living life to the fullest.”

Kara Candelas

Sales Counselor

Kara brings a sense of hospitality to every encounter with prospective residents. And as they prepare to move in, she eases the transition for them and their families. “I like seeing residents make friends and take part in activities. It’s gratifying to hear them say, ‘We made the right choice.’”

Mike Wilmsen

Sales Counselor

Mike knows what’s important to residents. Over a decade ago, he gained those insights as a server at Smith Village during summer breaks from college. Mike rejoined the Smith family as a Smith Crossing sales counselor. “I build relationships with seniors and their families, to make their move to Smith Crossing as easy as possible,” he says.

Colleen Fennell


Colleen says she enjoys watching newly hired employees succeed. “I’m happiest getting to know people and helping them to develop professionally,” she adds. She accepted Smith Crossing’s invitation to join the staff because, “Smith Senior Living has been here almost 100 years; it has earned a great reputation. And it’s a friendly, welcoming environment.”

Ming-Yeng Tang, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Tang credits her affection for older relatives as her inspiration for developing a special rapport with older adults and an appreciation for the opportunity to treat them. As a teenager, Dr. Tang expressed to her father, a school principal, her desire to help older adults. He encouraged her to help others by practicing medicine. Today, the Smith Crossing residents who have become her patients have around-the-clock access to Dr. Tang via her mobile phone. She also likes hearing from patients’ family members. “They help give me a more complete picture,” says Dr. Tang.

Lisa Carrasco

Director of Nursing

Lisa fondly remembers growing up with her grandparents who lived with her family. She believes this is why, “I’ve always had a connection with older adults.” As for working at Smith Crossing, she feels lucky she’s benefitted from its values and gained valuable experience. Another thing she likes: the family atmosphere and spirit of teamwork.

Tisha Meyer

Assistant Director of Nursing

“Smith’s goal of caring for residents and helping them live their lives is special: To live every day to the fullest,” Tisha says. Plus, she believes this is a mandate for the staff members to enjoy their job and feel appreciated. Her perspective emanates from Tisha’s closeness to her late grandmother, who had dementia. “I’ve always wanted to be there for other grandmas.”

Amy Majcina

Social Services Director

Amy is part of the team that helps our residents in Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing Care and Rehabilitation balance independence and safety so they can make the most of every day. She loves getting to know them. “Each one has a fascinating history, and I enjoy hearing about all their adventures.”

Kimberly Masino

Life Enrichment Director

One reason Kim likes collaborating with seniors is, “Their knowledge. You can see their experience in their eyes.” Although she finds residents are loving, some have decided to give her a good-natured rough time for being White Sox fan. “They offer me something to think about every day. My team and I are brightening their day…and they’re brightening ours too.”

Gabriela Kluchki


“I like working with residents and their families,” says Gabby, “so that I can interact with so many people every day.” Further, she feels, the Assisted Living residents are like family to her and she learns from them. Residents are most heart-warming when they share a cameo of their life story, Gabby adds, “Because they’ve led such wonderful lives.”

Alexis Rogalski


For Alexis, one of the most profound realizations early in her tenure at Smith Crossing was, “People, who work here, really value residents’ quality of life. Our common goal is to make sure we meet residents’ needs and respond to their preferences.” As residents get to know her, she appreciates how they say they can talk with her about what they want or need.

Jason Ison


Chef Jason’s outlook on his job is, “I’m lucky enough to prepare meals for people who have lived more than twice my years. They always recognize my team when we do our best.” His kitchen team, residents and servers all work together. We create a special camaraderie and a delicious experience for everyone at Smith Crossing to enjoy.

Jaime Tribo MS, RD, LD


For Jaime, her role with short-stay rehab patients is rewarding because, “I make sure they are OK, monitor their weight and discover what may become problems before they occur.” She works with Chef Jason on nutrition guidelines. And she is filled with joy when a rehab patient or resident with a poor appetite finally becomes strong by eating what reminds them of home.

Kim Vitek

Director of Dining Service

“So many interesting people live here. I love finding out about what they did, how they met, where they’ve traveled, how many children and grandchildren they have,” Kim says. And she learns more about them as she answers questions about making a menu selection or talking about what might appeal to their tastebuds. “I sample everything we serve for lunch and dinner.”

Annelle Garcia

Human Resources Assistant

Annelle always wanted to work for a not-for-profit organization like Smith Crossing because its mission is to help people. She enjoys the challenge of finding the right person for the job. “The people we hire are our most important assets. We may work behind the scenes in HR, but we share the same goal—to do our best to ensure our residents are happy and healthy.”

Will Richardson


Having joined Smith Crossing in 2004, Will still looks forward to coming to work each day. By putting residents first, he motivates his team to keep apartments and common areas sparkling clean. “There’s always something new to learn, and everyone steps up to do their part.”

Steve Trayes

Maintenance Supervisor

After gaining experience at Tinley Park’s Convention Center and training at Joliet Junior College, Steve joined Smith Crossing in 2016 and today is maintenance supervisor, responsible for 14 staff members. “We keep Smith Crossing very clean and functioning well, and help residents maintain their homes with repairs and refreshing,” he says. “We’re also first responders if there’s a problem,” and he loves getting to know the residents.

Kathy Orozco


Kathy, who began working at Smith Crossing soon after it opened in 2004, says one of the best parts of her day is hearing residents’ tales. “It’s fascinating to learn how they raised their kids, for instance with no cell phones or computers.” And she thinks she received the best compliment from a visitor who asked Kathy if she could recommend a good housekeeper because residents rave about her team.

Smith Crossing Board of Trustees

Through thoughtful, experienced oversight, the Smith Crossing Board of Trustees helps ensure the continuation of our mission to benefit residents and their families, as well as the long-term direction and stability of our Life Plan Community.

  • John E. Leahy, Chair
  • Monica Ryan, Vice Chair
  • Andrew J. Anello
  • Thomas Barrett
  • Michael T. Huguelet
  • Kevin A. Lane
  • Judith K. Lewis
  • Ann Haskins (ex-officio)

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