Smith Crossing Management Team

The Management Team at Smith Crossing is responsible for the daily operations of our community. But more than that, they set the standard for caring, quality and excellence that can be found throughout the Smith Crossing community.

Frank Guajardo, Executive Director
Executive Director Frank Guajardo always wanted a career helping people. He began his career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, caring for residents in a retirement community, and immediately found he loved working with seniors. When Frank decided he wanted to become an administrator, he kept his nursing job and worked his way through school. Today, at the helm of Smith Crossing, Frank looks forward to making daily rounds, being a part of the community and sharing stories with residents.


Alex Tarr, Admissions Director
“I’m the first person anyone meets when they move into our rehab wing,” Alex Tarr explains, “and my first priority is to give them peace of mind.” That means anything from answering questions about Medicare to reassuring a family their loved one is in good hands. Tarr likes working with his colleagues who definitely are passionate about what they do. “This community is like a second family to me.”

Marketing and Sales

Maggie Porzio, Sales Counselor
Sales Counselor Maggie Porzio has been in the senior living field nearly 20 years and still enjoys calming the nerves of adult children. “They’re afraid to mention moving to a retirement community because it’s a huge life-changing decision. But when their parents finally decide to do it, you can see the relief on all of their faces.”

Dorothy Bortscheller, Sales Counselor
When she schedules events and looks after last-minute details, the real payoff to Sales Counselor Dorothy Bortscheller comes later, when she has the opportunity to interact with the people she serves. “I like working with seniors to share in their joy, and their vast knowledge and understanding of life. For me, to live at Smith Crossing would be a very fortunate experience.”

Kara Superczynski

Kara Superczynski, Sales Counselor
Kara brings a sense of hospitality, her first career in dining services at Smith Crossing, to every encounter with prospective residents. And, as they prepare to move in, she eases the transition for them and their families. “I like seeing residents make friends and take part in activities. It’s gratifying to hear them say, ‘We made the right choice.’”

Life Enrichment

Amie Swim, Resident Service Director
Resident Service Director Amie Swim looks forward to opening her office door each morning because she can anticipate staff and residents coming in all day to say hello—“I’m honored they trust me.” She feels the relationship between staff and residents “is truly a 365/24/7 one and the residents become our family. We’re very blessed that it’s interactive.”

Dana Mahler, Life Enrichment Director – Healthcare
Life Enrichment Director Dana Mahler plans activities for residents in our Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Nursing and Rehab areas, offering a full slate of things to choose from daily. “It’s so rewarding to see the smiles and joy that activities bring to residents every day, in all levels of care.”

Esperanza Rivera, Life Enrichment Director
“We have a rainbow of personalities,” says Independent Living’s Life Enrichment Director, Esperanza Rivera, when describing the residents she works with on a daily basis. Esperanza looks forward to each day and especially enjoys the constant interaction with residents, getting to know their interests and hobbies and, essentially, being friends with them. At the same time, she is respectful of having the opportunity to work in the place they call home.

Christine Magafas, Music Therapist
Christine Magafas returned in 2017 to Smith’ two communities as a full-time music therapist after serving as a life enrichment coordinator in 2014. She uses recorded music and sometimes plays guitar to help residents relax and reconnect with fond memories associated with the melodies of their lives. “The most gratifying part of my day is witnessing how music speaks for itself, reaching residents in profound ways and making their lives enjoyable.”

Healthcare and Social Services

Ming-Yeng Tang, M.D., Medical Director
Medical Director Ming-Yeng Tang, M.D., credits her affection for older relatives as her inspiration for developing a special rapport with older adults and an appreciation for the opportunity to treat them. As a teenager, Dr. Tang expressed to her father, a school principal, her desire to help older adults. He encouraged her to help others by practicing medicine. Today, the Smith Crossing residents who have become her patients have around-the-clock access to Dr. Tang via her mobile phone. She also likes hearing from patients’ family members. “They help give me a more complete picture,” says Dr. Tang.

Mary Ann Doyle, R.N., Director of Nursing
Director of Nursing Mary Ann Doyle, R.N., says that caring for people, listening to their stories and earning their trust is a privilege. “What makes our workplace special are the people we work for. In my case, I work for our residents.”

Amy Majcina, Social Services Director
Social Services Director Amy Majcina is part of the team that helps our residents in Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing Care and Rehab balance independence and safety so they can make the most of every day. She loves getting to know them. “Each one has a fascinating history and I enjoy hearing about all of their adventures.”

Teresa Floyd, Assistant Director of Nursing
Assistant Director of Nursing Teresa Floyd has worked among geriatric residents more than two decades, and she finds Smith Crossing “a very peaceful place—residents, staff and management included. It’s a family-like setting.” She’s keen on interacting with her coworkers and talking with the residents because, “I enjoy listening to the journey they’ve been on.”

Human Resources

Megan O’Neill, Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Assistant Megan O’Neill says she really looks forward to coming to work every day. “This is my home away from home. It’s a pleasure to see such smiling and friendly faces each morning. The staff and residents are special to me because they are my extended family.”

Making Life Easier

Sheila Anderson, Housekeeping Supervisor
Housekeeping Supervisor Sheila Anderson enjoys being around older people because, to her, “It’s like spending time with my grandparents.” She finds it very satisfying to help residents maintain their homes and keep all of Smith Crossing visitor-ready. “It makes me happy that the residents always tell me they appreciate my work.”

Steve Trayas, Maintenance Supervisor
After gaining experience at Tinley Park’s Convention Center and training at Joliet Junior College, Steve Trayas joined Smith Crossing in 2016 and today is maintenance supervisor, responsible for 14 staff members. “We keep Smith Crossing very clean and functioning well, and help residents maintain their homes with repairs and refreshing,” he says. “We’re also first responders if there’s a problem,” and he loves getting to know the residents.

Dining Services

Kathy Orozco, Director of Dining Service
Director of Dining Service Kathy Orozco thinks of Smith Crossing residents as her second family. And, just like family, she knows all their favorite foods. Kathy savors memories of spectacular holiday meals and loves to share stories and put smiles on people’s faces.